Cheer Champs Elite West Coast

School Cheer Rules, Regulations & Scoring 


★ CCEWC General Rules

★ CCEWC School Rules & Policies


School Cheer Teams follow the rules put forth by AACCA.


Music Copyright Form

 Go to usacheer.org/music for the latest resources.


CCEWC believes in putting together fair, knowledgeable, EXPERIENCED, and un-biased judging panels.  All of our judges have been carefully screened and come from a variety of backgrounds with experience.  All safety infractions & deduction judges are current USASF Safety Certified Judges.  All panel judges are currently trained in the category they are judging.

For all Registration, Division & Scoring/ Legality questions or concerns please contact,Natasha@cheerchampswest.com

Cheer Champs Elite’s first priority and primary goal is to treat every Athlete, Coach and Fan like Royalty and to provide a safe, fun, professional and unique environment where the sport of Cheerleading is recognized, appreciated and put on the Throne it deserves! Cheerleading is more than the ordinary it IS the EXTRAORDINARY and we value it as such!