No, our events are Non-Sanctioned, however, we do follow ALL of the Industry Standard Rules and Score Sheets!

Being a Non-Sanctioned Independent Event Producer allows us to put the focus on your program and what the spirit of cheer is all about…the Athletes!!!


Events with our “Accurate Score Check System”, will provide coaches every opportunity to make sure that their scoring is accurate and fair and a Coach can directly address any questions or concerns.

In order for us to be able to address any and all Coach’s concerns and for us to be prepared for our award ceremony, the following guidelines MUST be precisely followed:

  • Approximately 10 minutes after you perform you will be able pick up your Difficulty and Deduction Score Sheet at the DJ booth. If you feel an error has been made please follow these procedures:
  • Teams who perform prior to the 10/15-minute break MUST address their concerns/questions immediately after they receive their scores prior to the break. NO questions will be addressed after the break!!!
  • Teams who perform after the 10/15-minute breakMUST address their concerns/questions immediately after they receive their scores prior to the last performance. NO questions will be addressed after the last performance!!!
  • A VIDEO recording of your performance must be provided and the EXACT ISSUE must be READY to play for the appropriate Judge Panel. The Judges will review your concern and their decision is FINAL.
    • ONE Coach from each team will have 10 minutes from their performance time to express any and all Deductions and/or Difficulty  Range Challenges to CCE’s competition director, Lashawn Gaylord
    • You will have a maximum of 2 minutes to discuss any error!
    • It is the teams responsibility to provide the video recording of their performance, NOT Cheer Champs Elite’s.
    • A video recording of the performance must be provided and the exact deduction (time) must be ready to play for the “Accurate Score Check” “Judge in order for any changes to be made.
    • You will have a maximum of 2 minutes to discuss any error!
    • Decisions made by the “Accurate Score Check”  & Certified Safety Judges are final and are NOT open to further challenge.

You may replace an athlete with another participant if necessary, as long as the replacement meets the age requirements pertaining to the division they will be competing in and that he/she provides a signed Waiver|Release form.

  • If this is necessary, you MUST inform, our Event Director, LaShawn, immediately!
  • For every team registered, you get 2 Coaches FREE!
  • Each additional Coach is charged the Spectator Fees!
    •  Between $10.00 ~ $20.00 each, depending on Venue
    • *Exact rate will be listed in your Coaches Event Overview
  • To ensure the most positive experience for all attendees, Cheer Champs Elite asks that the following Code of Conduct be adhered to during all CCE Competitions:
  • Any questions or concerns that affect a team’s performance or experience must be communicated by One coach to CCE’s competition director, Lashawn Gaylord.
  • Participants, coaches or spectators are prohibited from making contact with the Judges during the competition.
  • Judges’ rulings are final related to deductions, final team placements and legalities.
  • Any unruly, aggressive or belligerent behavior by participants, coaches or spectators toward any other attendee or CCE Event Staff may result in potential deduction, team disqualification, removal from the event and/or barred participation from future CCE Competitions.
  • Cheer Champs Elite reserves the right to combine, split, or delete divisions as necessary. Cheer Champs Elite may move your team to the appropriate division based on registration.
  • Co-Ed/All Girl Combining Divisions: PERMITTED COMBINATIONS:
    • Junior Co-Ed Level 5 & Junior Level 5
    • Senior Co-ed Level 3 & Senior Level 3
    • Senior Co-Ed Level 4 & Senior Level 4
  • A combination applies to single registrations in EITHER division:
    • If there is one co-ed registration and/or one all-girl registration, the division may be combined.
  • Any athlete can be a crossover if this is completed in advance on your online registration account.
  • All Crossovers MUST be in the correct age and grade levels.
  • There is no limit on the number of teams on which they can compete.
  • We do charge Crossover Fees for most events, please see individual events for pricing and policy.
  • It is the responsibility of all coaches to know the rules and regulations for their division.
  • All Star, All Star Prep, Special Needs, Traditional & Performance Rec Teams will follow USASF Rules & Guidelines.
  • All Schools will follow the guidelines and rules put fourth by AACCA/NFHS. You must let us know if your team is Intermediate or Advanced and/or All Music so that you will be placed accordingly
  •  In an event that the routine is interrupted, our procedures are listed as follows:
  • Routine Stoppage: The only individuals that may stop a routine for injury are:
  • CCE Staff
  • Gym Owner/Coach/Team Representative from the team performing
  • Injured Individual
  • Head Judge
  • Injury: An injured athlete may create a potential safety hazard because of the inability to hold, support, spot, or catch. For the safety of all athletes competing, a routine may be interrupted if:
    • An athlete is clearly injured.
    • An athlete is questionably injured and does not resume their role in the routine within 5 seconds of questionable injury.
    • An athlete leaves the competition floor due to an injury.
  • Performance Area Injury: If an injury interruption occurs during a performance, the Head Judge and/or CCE event directors will have final say in determining if a team is allowed to perform again. In the event that a team is allowed to perform again following a routine interruption, the new performance time will be at the sole discretion of CCE directors. The team will be allotted time to make adjustments to their routine and re-perform their routine at a later time. The team must (pending the injury’s impact on the routine) perform the routine again in its entirety, but judging will resume from the point at which the injury/interruption occurred, as determined by the judges. All skills must be performed full-out from the beginning of the routine. All point deductions accumulated to that point (if any) would carry over.
  • Practice Area Injury: If an injury occurs during Warm-Up, CCE will do our best to work your team back into the schedule, as close as possible to your original performance order. Furthermore, it will be up to CCE whether or not to schedule your team’s performance out of sequence.

We ONLY hire Certified Independent Judges, that are well-versed and highly trained under the Industry Standards Rules, Scoring and Guidelines!  Our Certified Judge Coordinator, who is one of the best Safety Judge’s in the industry, they are extremely educated in all of the rules that govern our sport.  We know that NOT every competition, nor every Judge scores the same and because of this, sometimes conflicts and confusion arise, the only guarantee we can give you is that our judges follow the EXACT rules that USASF has set forth.  Being a non-sanctioned event producer, it is important to us that your routines receive accurate critiques ensuring when they are performed at a sanctioned event they receive the highest possible score without any deductions.

Our Accurate Score Check allows you to challenge/question any deduction you may receive.  Please see our Accurate Score Check for more details.


Please make sure to check out our Pricing Page to see if you are eligible for any Loyal Royal or Regal Reward Discounts!

In order to take advantage of our discounted rates, the following rules apply and will be enforced:

  • Online Registration MUST be completed in its entirety on or before the date listed on our website!
    • “EARLY” Rate: Applies to any time leading up to the Early Registration Deadline Date. Registration must be completed in its entirety and PAID IN FULL (postmarked or received) by the Early Registration Deadline Date.
    • “ON-TIME” Rate: Applies to the day after the Early deadline has passed and up until the posted On-Time Deadline Date. Registration must be completed in its entirety and PAID IN FULL (postmarked or received) by the On-Time Registration Deadline Date.

FINAL” Rate: Applies to the day after the On-Time deadline has passed and up until the posted Final Deadline Date. Final registrations must be received and PAID IN FULL via PayPal ONLY no later than Sunday night the week prior to Event Date. Registrations will NOT be accepted the week of the event.

RATES AND DUE DATE POLICY – Early Bird, On-Time and Late Fees:

  • In order to retain the Rate offered when registering, a Program MUST have their registration fully completed and Full Payment MUST be received by the date listed on Website!  If you only register for the event, and do not send payment by listed date, the registration fee automatically advances to the next rate. e:  
    • Early Bird Rate of $ per Team/Athlete, due on/or before Date posted, if NOT paid, the rate automatically advances to
    • On-Time Rate of $ per Team/Athlete, due on/or before Date posted, If NOT paid by the On-Time Date, automatically advances to
    • FINAL Rate of $ per Team/Athlete, due on/or before Date
  • If a Program registers on or close to last day of current rate, payment MUST be RECEIVED via Money Order, Bank Check or PayPal within 5 Days of Registration Date, otherwise rate advances to next scheduled rate.
  • If Program is NOT paid in full, 2 weeks prior to event date, unfortunately, they will not be put on the schedule.
  • If a registered Program is not paid in full, 2 weeks prior to Event Date, Program will NOT be put on Schedule.

NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to these rules.



    It is the sole responsibility of the Program to provide written verification of all forms of payment sent, we will not be able to take verbal confirmation that a Check, Money Order, Bank Check or PayPal payment was sent, please have a copy/receipt of Payments, if necessary.

    • Up until 3 Weeks of Event Date:
      • Business and Personal Checks will be accepted, however, we MUSTreceive in-hand no later than 3 weeks prior to the Event!
      • Credit Cards, via *PayPal, Money Order and Bank Checks
    • Within 3 Weeks of Event Date:  
      • The ONLY forms of payment accepted is: Credit Cards, via *PayPal, Money Order or Bank Checks!
    • Week of & Event Day:
      • Credit Cards, via *PayPal, Money Order, Bank Checks or Cash is the ONLY form of payment accepted.

    * ALL Credit Cards, via PayPal are subject to a 4% Processing Fee





Cheer Champs Elite adheres to all the Music Copyright Laws and Guidelines related to the Cheer and Music Industry.We will need a completed copyright form on file, along with your certificates, all can be brought or completed at the event or can be emailed or mailed in.

Cheer Champs Elite COPYRIGHT FORM

Routine Music: Music is to be provided by each team in the form of a CD, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Memory Stick or MP3 Player. Please make sure that your device is set on “Airplane Mode” so that no outside interference will hinder your performance. 10 minutes prior to your performance time, a representative from your team must be available to bring the music to the DJ Stand. It is the responsibility of the team’s representative to inform the DJ which track to play. Performances will not be delayed or repeated due to misinformation provided to the DJ by the team’s representative. Cheer Champs Elite sound technicians, and/or event staff will not be responsible for any labeling mistakes or poorly recorded music, and will assume no responsibility for the quality of the recording or it’s compatibility with the venue’s equipment. Music cannot be paused or volume adjusted during the performance. All adjustments should be made on master music. Please bring backups with you just in case, we highly recommend you test prior to event. Cheer Champs Elite Jester of Ceremony will not be responsible for any issues, malfunctions or power failure of your music.


Advanced Forms of Payment:

  • Business and Personal Checks will be accepted, however, we MUST receive in-hand no later than 3 weeks prior to the Event Date!
  • Credit Cards, via *PayPal, Money Order and Bank Checks

Within 3 Weeks of Event Date:  

  • The ONLY forms of payment accepted is: Credit Cards, via *PayPal, Money Order, Bank Checks!

Week of & Event Day:

  • The ONLY form of payment accepted is Credit Cards, via *PayPal, Money Order, Bank Checks or Cash ONLY!


* ALL Credit Cards, via PayPal are subject to a 4% Processing Fee

  • NO signs or elements with loose glitter are allowed on the Spring Floor. Formal entrances are prohibited (i.e. crowd response chants or cheers, choreographed marching, team huddles, or stunts). Spirited entrances are allowed; teams should take no longer than 10  seconds to set for their routine. 
  • The preliminary schedule will be sent out on Tuesday Afternoon!
  • Coach MUST review it promptly and carefully, ensuring everything is accurate (Names; Athlete #; Levels, Timing, etc) and email any and all issues that you would like addressed!
  • ALL changes MUST be received by Noon on Wednesday!
  • Final Schedule will go on Thursday Afternoon!

NOTE:  NO Changes can be made to the FINAL Schedule!


ALL changes MUST be submitted in writing and emailed to [email protected] within 24 hours after receiving the preliminary schedule.

*California events email:  [email protected]

  • Team Registration is typically open and available at least 90-minutes prior to the event start time.
  • Your Royal Staff will be there to greet you, answer any questions you may have, check you in, give you your schedules & wristbands.
  • Every program will be REQUIRED to FINALIZE any previously authorized outstanding/missing Payments, Additional Coaches Bands and Waives
    • Please note that NO TEAM shall be permitted to compete if all open items have NOT be addressed!
  • Any and All necessary changes to your roster and/or schedule for the day MUST be made here as soon as you arrive!

Cheer Champs Elite will split the divisions when there are at least two teams in each respective division.

  • ORDER OF SPLITTING: Will be specific to divisions that are permitted to split by co-ed/all-girl and team size.
  • The designation of “Small”, “Medium”, and “Large” divisions must follow the team sizes below:
    • Small = 5 – 19 members
    • Medium = 20 – 30 members
    • Large = 23 – 38 members (Levels 5R & Junior 5 ONLY)
  • It is the sole responsibility of the Coach to review the preliminary schedule immediately and thoroughly and inform us immediately with any scheduling changes, conflicts or issues.
  • All communications regarding these problems must be submitted to us via email at *[email protected], it is the Coaches responsibility to review the revisions thoroughly and confirm via email that they are correct and confirmed so that we can send out the FINALschedule.

*California events email:  [email protected]


Preliminary Schedule will be sent out approximately 5 days prior to the event and our FINAL Schedule will be emailed to you on the Thursday prior to the Event Date.


The FINAL Schedule will be emailed to you on Thursday.  When preparing our schedule we will always try to accommodate all teams and crossover needs and it is our goal to run on time.

  • Warm up times are strictly enforced.
  • It is the Coaches responsibility to follow the schedule exactly and have your teams prepared and on time/early for Warm Up Line Up and Music preparation, etc. in order for us to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Teams that do not arrive at the scheduled time will forfeit their warm up time, or any part of it, we will not be able adjust the schedule to get you in, so please be aware of the time.
  • We CANNOT make adjustments to the schedule on the event day!

For Parents:

  • We will upload our Final schedule on our Regal Events Page on our website on Thursday!
  • Schedules will also be available for sale, along with 1 – 50/50 Ticket for $2.00 at Admissions
  • CCE uses Industry Standard Score Sheets. Please call us if you would like to know more.
  • All Score Sheets will be available for pick up by 1 Coach from each team IMMEDIATELY AFTER the Awards Ceremony in front of the DJ booth.
  • One Coach, per team can pick up the Score Sheet at our DJ booth, immediately after the Awards Ceremony in front of the DJ booth.

*See “Accurate Score Check” for Difficulty & Deduction Sheets Policy


One Coach, per team can pick up the Score Sheet at our DJ booth, immediately after the Awards Ceremony in front of the DJ booth.

*See “Accurate Score Check” for Difficulty & Deduction Sheets Policy.


Sister Team Viewing: We do allow the sister teams to sit in front of the coaches VIP Seating; the in the Stands or in the Priority Seating area to watch and support their sister teams performing, however, they will need to exit the arena and return to their holding area after the performance is over.

Non-Competing Teams: Whenever possible we will have a holding area/room for all non-competing teams, we prefer all non-competing teams are there and not in the main arena, we feel it is better for the performing teams nerves and concentration.

All Teams will be invited into the Arena for the awards ceremony, at which time, it is the Coaches responsibility to ensure their teams situate themselves on the mat and leave a center aisle open for Awards distribution.

  • EVERY Athlete is required to have a fully completed and signed Waiver on file.  (Online Waivers only need to be done ONCE, per Season)!
  • Our Online Registration system offers an easy format to upload your athlete waivers and will only have to be done ONCE for the entire Season!
  • We prefer this format  to ensure a “hassle free” registration process, however, you can mail them and/or bring them on the event day.
  • You can print and bring to registration if necessary.

*NOTE: If printing out the Waivers, please ensure that the Parents Signature; Print Name & Date Lines clearly print.  Every Waiver will require the Parents details on them in order to be accepted.

2018 ~ 2019 WAIVER

  • ALL Cheer Champs Elite events have a full-size Warm Up Gym, complete with a sound system to play your music during your full out practice time on our 9-panel, non-spring floor; we w ill also have a stretch mat, partner stunt mat and full size spring tumble track.
  • It is the responsibility of the coaches to pay attention to the schedule and your  team(s) warm up times and be lined up at least 10 minutes early.
  • In order to keep the day running smoothly, we will not be able to make any changes if you miss your warm up time.


Championship & National Awards Guidelines & Distribution

Please note the following Award Guidelines for ALL Championship and National Events
• In order to be eligible for our Championship and National Event Awards, ALL First Place Winning Teams MUST have a minimum of 2 teams in their division.
• If there is ONLY 1 competing Team, the team must receive 80% or higher of their total score to be awarded National Champions and receive the National Award. Otherwise the team will be announced as 1st Place Winners and receive an award for all athletes. 
*Cheer Champs Elite, Inc. reserves the right to Change, Add and/or Delete awards according to each Events Team Participation.  



If you have any questions or need additional information on the divisions or score sheets, please contact…

[email protected]