Cheer Champs Elite is excited to present “Royals Go Virtual” event series for our 2020-2021 Cheer Season and for now, you can take the TRAVEL out of your Season!  Our events are open throughout the US, which means YOUR Teams can compete against teams from across the country!   Please know that if and when the mandates are reduced or removed, we have the venues confirmed and are ready to go, so we will go back to our LIVE Royal Competitions and see everyone in-person again as soon as allowed!  In the interim we are looking forward to giving you the Royal treatment in a virtual manner giving you the opportunity to compete again and a chance to Earn the Crown!   Our “Royals Go Virtual” events are time-stamped, pre-recorded video submissions. Offering the fairest, highest quality & most accurate way to compete virtually, avoiding any glitches that may occur in your gym or in a live virtual format!  


What to do first?  

  • Click here to Register your team(s) on our Registration Site.
  • Practice & Prepare to get ready to film your routine(s).


Next, Schedule Your Teams Recording!

  • Email to schedule a SPECIFIC DAY & TIME when you’re ready to record your routine.
    • Example Email:

“Hi Dee,  

I would like to schedule a time to record my routine for the virtual competition on 3.7.21 for:    

Your Gym Name | Team Name | Division on 3.1.21 @ 6:35pm    


Competition Date Schedule Recording Videos Due Pricing Schedule
1.31.21  Any Time before Due Date  1.18.21 $15, per Athlete 1.31.21 Schedule
2.14.21 Any Time before Due Date 2.01.21 $15, per Athlete 2.14.21Schedule
3.7.21 Any Time before Due Date 2.22.21 $15, per Athlete  


Royal Kingdom Virtual Nationals

Any Time before Due Date 4.05.21 $25, per Athlete  


What is needed from you?

  • Every gym must ensure they have a good WiFi Connection, Sound and Lighting in your facility for appropriate recording.
  • A Smartphone/iPad/laptop on Tripod to capture your full routine in a steady and smooth submission.
  • Large Space to ensure your entire full-out routine (Width & Height) is captured on video.


How to Record?

  • Video Camera:
    • Record each routine with the time stamp on (Date & Time)
    • Record with the highest resolution available (Check the camera settings)
    • Use a tripod (or position on flat, non-moveable surface) to ensure steady filming.


What if we don’t have a Spring Floor?

  • You do not need to have a spring floor
  • You do not need a full 9 panels
  • You can use what you have as long as we can see the full routine!!


Where do I upload the Videos & Photos?

  • You will receive an email with a link to upload your recorded videos to Dropbox.
  • The video must be uploaded within 10 minutes of your scheduled date and time
  • You will receive an additional link to upload
    • Each teams music (Label each song with the team name)
    • Logo (Highest Resolution possible)


Where do we see our Scores/Comments?

  • Score sheets will be emailed to the address on file prior to the competition date.


Things you should know:

  • COACH! Please email us at, any short comment you would like us toinclude with your teams introduction (i.e. brand new team; all new athletes; last year competingtogether, how proud you are, etc.). *Make sure to include Program Name | Team Name
  • Uniforms are not necessary.
  • Follow the age divisions on the registration site.
  • Follow the guidelines located under our Rules Section on our website.
  • No releases/waivers are required for virtual events
  • Upon completion of your registration you are acknowledging and confirming CCE will/can use your organizations logo & athletes media on our website & social media. As well as confirming that you have the music copyright for your routine(s).
  • Submit rosters with birthdays on our registration site. (If judges feel that there is a question of an age, you will be asked to produce proof of the age.) This is just like a live competition.
  • Please make sure your roster count matches the video count.  Judges will be counting for skills.


Will you be offering Score Check for Virtual Competitions?

  • Yes! You will have 15-minutes from the time you receive your scores to ask any questions or challenge Judges score.
  • A Score Check review sheet will be emailed to you with your scoresheets. Please fill it out in its entirety with the exact time in the video you are challenging
    • Email it to
    • Subject line: Competition date (1.31.21) Score Check
    • Label File: Team Name Score Check (example: ECP Lady Legends Score Check)


Where can you watch the competition?

  • The competition will be live streamed on our website according to the schedule, with session awards ceremony following.
  • During awards, especially our Grand Champion Coronation announcement, we encourage and recommend filming your teams reaction as winners are announced and send it to us and we will select the best teams reactions (and best quality video) and add as many as possible to all our social media accounts and website!
  • There is a $10 fee, per pass for our Royal Watch Party


When will Awards take place?

  • Awards will take place immediately after the competition


How will I receive my Award?

All awards will be mailed to the address on file  


What Awards will be given?

  • Regionals:
    • Cheer Champs Holographic Stickers per athlete
    • Banners for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Teams
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Bids to Royal Kingdom Nationals & Spirit Brands North American Spirit Tournament
    • Division Grand Champions Crowned with our Signature Crystal Tiaras or Snapbacks; Grand Champion Banners & Paid Bids to our Royal Kingdom National Championship on April 18, 2021
  • Virtual Nationals:
    • All the above, plus…
    • National Backpacks for all 1st Place Teams


Remember…Our Tiara’s are “Earned not Given” Who will be Crowned our First Virtual Champions?